Will Stupidity Rescue Us from Treasurer’s Mess in Ravalli County?

Last Wednesday the Ravalli County Commissioners met to further consider the prior goings-on in the Treasurer’s office. At this point they say they are being extremely cautious because they fear being sued. Too late! If not by Stamey, then surely they should be by a flimflammed constituency. In reporting on the meeting, the Ravalli Republic said, “Commissioner Jeff Burrows then suggested the county should consider reinstating Stamey so it can at least get some benefit from the money she was being paid.” It brings to mind a quote from Will Rogers—”If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?” I wonder if this thought crossed his mind, or if it was a spontaneous bit of wisdom from one of our “Pathetic 3.”

Keep in mind, these 3—Burrows, Foss, and Stoltz—are running for re-election, and running hard if you judge by the number of campaign signs cluttering the highway and roads in the Valley, and the number of letters from Foss in the newspapers enumerating what the Commissioners are doing for (to?) us. Do we really want more of the same-old same-old? Only the voters can decide, and, if these 3 are re-elected, Ravalli County residents deserve whatever they get.

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