Why Didn’t Fulbright File Charges Against Stamey?

I’ll bet Ravalli County residents thought the County had filed charges against Treasurer Stamey. I did. Well, think again. According to a report in the Bitterroot Star on April 23rd, County Attorney Fulbright never filed a lawsuit authorized by the County Commissioners against Treasurer Stamey, saying “We see that as part of a bigger picture.” “We” the Public, should ask, “Is that “We” the County Attorney’s office, or is it “We” the County Attorney’s office AND the Commissioners? As anxious as the Commissioners are to load the County Boards with their supporters and to micromanage every insignificant event in the County, it seems ludicrously implausible to me that they were unaware the suit had not been filed. In which case, smoke and mirrors has triumphed once again.

Fulbright continued, saying her (Stamey’s) paid administrative leave was a minor matter compared to much greater costs which could come out of a possible lawsuit. Editor Michael Howell wrote,

On Thursday, Fulbright explained that the delay in filing that lawsuit was connected to other issues and involved strategic legal considerations related to the possibility of other charges, such as official misconduct, that could lead to suspension of the Treasurer without pay.

Note the use of the word “could.” I guess failure to deposit +$1 million isn’t sufficient official misconduct. I assume the catch here is although Fulbright was directed to file the suit, the Commissioners neglected (wink, wink) to specify WHEN he should file the suit. Fulbright should explain in more detail, in common everyday English, precisely what “in other issues and involved strategic considerations . . . .” means. His present explanation smacks of legal gobbledygook.

When will this circus end??? I highly recommend you read the full story and come to your own conclusion.

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