Why Can’t Our Politicians Read?

You often hear the lament, “Why Can’t Our Children Read?” I want to know, “Why Can’t Our Politicians Read?” Have you ever watched them at a TV press conference they’ve called? Staff comes striding out first, then The Important Ones, then the Minions who stand behind while the Politicians attempt to read from a piece of paper—which I have to believe they have never seen before.

At least I want to believe they’ve never seen it before; else why would they stumble over such easy words as “in the best interest of the American people?” If that’s not the answer, I drop to a likely choice two—they don’t believe what they’re saying. As they begin, you have to wonder. Wonder first of all, do they know what they’re talking about? You continue to listen, trying to absorb what is being read, but being distracted by The Ones’ arms suddenly thrust out stiffly sideways, as they say in a monotone, with emotionless face, “I am outraged.” We already know they seldom read what they’re voting on; we suspect that lobbying groups write the legislation; we harbor doubts about their mental capabilities. And now we know they can’t read. But why let it out all hang out there?

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