Voters Return Sanity to the Bitterroot

The voters in Ravalli County overwhelmingly decided we didn’t like what we saw happening in the County, opting to give Commissioners Ron Stoltz and Suzy Foss, and Treasurer? Stamey the ole heave-ho. However, 342 voters were evidently satisfied with Stamey’s performance.

We also decided we wanted to have a say in the direction the County will be heading in the next 10 years by voting for the Government Study. This says a lot about the character of the people who live in the Bitterroot; we were one of the few who voted for this Study. The next step should be carefully selecting the individuals who will be directing that Study. Hopefully we will also be wise in choosing moderates  who will listen closely when people start offering suggestions, who will look for ways to accommodate a bit of everyone’s input. Not a wishy-washy compromise where everyone ends up feeling shorted; rather, a coming together which leaves residents with a sense they played a part in advancing what is best for the County.

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