The Corvallis Parade Was Great!

We met up with some friends for breakfast at the cafeteria, bought our poppies, and then went out on the parade route to set up our table to distribute fliers about the upcoming vote on a County Government Review.

There were jumping goats and lots of dogs, not to mention political candidates and party members out in full force. County Attorney Fulbright marched behind horses with a shovel. I have no idea whether it meant he was cleaning up, or shoveling out the nasty stuff.

The Grand Marshall of this 95th annual event, touted as the largest Memorial Day Parade in Montana, was veteran Frank McCauley, the nation’s oldest living WWII fighter ace, riding in Don Dunbar’s vintage army jeep. Parade watchers clapped vigorously as each group of veterans marched and rode by. We had bagpipers and drummers from Missoula, but the Corvallis School Band was the icing on the cake with their energetic music.

If you missed this year’s parade, reserve Memorial Day on your calendar for next year. You don’t want to miss another one.


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