Corvallis Parade–Small Town at It’s Best

I can’t wait for the Corvallis Memorial Day Parade! But it’s not just the parade, it’s everything connected with it. We get up early (OK, this is my least favorite part), drive on down to the Corvallis High School lunchroom for breakfast (7-9am), find a table—preferably with someone we don’t know (how else are we going to meet more people?). I must say we have met a few really boring people—but I digress. For the most part it’s a pleasant experience.

Before we know it, it’s time to lay claim to a space on Main Street to set up our chairs. We look around, see someone we’ve met briefly before, and sit down by them, passing the time talking till the parade starts. It’s the kind of parade I remember from my small-town childhood—the veterans marching, flags, kids with dogs, men on tractors, music blaring from trucks with people in the truck bed, a sprinkling of politicians, plenty of space between entries so the parade seems longer. It’s small town at it’s best.

After that, we might decide to meet up for a meal with our fellow parade watchers. Try it, and, if you’re REALLY lucky, you’ll find a great new friendship. No, I’m not rhapsodizing eloquently, it happened to us.


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