Ravalli County—Land of Opportunity

Is this a great country or what? Where else could you
—apply for a position for which you have no experience or credentials,
—be appointed by a 3-2 vote of the governing body,
—within a short time alienate 3 of your 4 most experienced people to the point they leave,
—fail to make over a million dollars in tax revenue deposits,
—neglect to file 58 state-required forms,
—be put on paid administrative leave,
—subsequently accuse that governing body of improprieties,
—call on the FBI for an investigation of the office,
—stage a surprise (wink, wink) return to a meeting on the reorganization of that office,
—claim only you have the authority to make those decisions, and, finally
—announce you will continue your campaign for election and that you expect to win?

Only in Ravalli County.

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