Road Information

Remember, it’s either Winter or Construction Season in Montana. Both require updated information on road conditions. Here’s where to get that info.

State of Montana.  This is a great place to check first. Choose where you want to start and end, if you want to see camera locations and construction projects, and the map zooms in on that area. Click on a orange diamond and get detailed info on the construction at that point—what mile markers it starts and end at,  flaggers, length of construction, delays, probably enough info to make you think twice about going that way. Click on the camera and see what you have to look forward to. You might also check out this site.

The winter road reporting season runs from November through April. During this time, conditions are updated twice a day or as major changes occur.

MDT Detailed Road Report is available here.

For the more compulsive among you, here’s yet another site—the plain vanilla facts, no maps, no frills.

Take a look at  the camera sites on the Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

As an aside, did you know frostbite can occur in 15 minutes or less when the temperature is -10° with a 5 mph wind (Wind Chill Factor of  -22°)? Montana DOT has a site on winter driving which includes a Driver’s Survival Guide and suggestions for a Winter Survival Kit. This is standard for us beginning the first part of September.

Finally, for a wrap-up on the subject of roads, here is a general information page from the State of Montana Department of Transportation.







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