Interesting Web Sites

This site lists all the U.S. airlines so you don’t have to fumble through multiple phone books to find the one you want. You can check flight status, purchase tickets, get your boarding passes, and pay that extra gotcha for your luggage.

You’re sitting in your postage-sized plane seat. Or, you’ve been seated in front of your computer surfing. You’re concerned you might experience a blood clot due to the lack of circulation in your legs. Not to worry; here is a site with some suggested exercises you can do without being conspicuous.

Kim Komando’s newsletter had this web site—create any number of printable calendars, along with daily planners, games, and a Thanksgiving dinner checklist, to name a few.

Here are just a few sites which will check your internet upload and download speeds. Frankly, I’m green with envy when I hear the speed other people are getting; but then again, I guess I’m lucky to have internet, period. When I want to feel really depressed I go to the sites below to reconfirm what I already know—SLOW.

Speedtest: I got an F+ connection grade here. Make sure you only click on the Begin Test.

Speakeasy (now MegaPath) gives you a choice of locations to test.


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