Open Burning

Open burning begins March 1st in the Bitterroot and ends November 30th. This does NOT mean you are required to do it. Keep in mind you are responsible not only for any damage caused by an out-of-control fire but also for the effects of what you burn. The DNRC has some suggestions for burning that would be worthwhile following. Click here to find out what you can and can’t burn, and how to dispose of what you can’t burn.

  1. Start early
  2. Let your neighbors know
  3. Call the Open Burning Hot Line, 800-225-6779, to check conditions
  4. Call the Sheriff’s Department, 363-3033, to let them know you are going to burn
  5. Know all fires must be attended
  6. As required, have a water source present and available at the site of the fire
  7. Continue to check conditions throughout the day

One of the links mentions that fires can smolder for days. Just recently a 2-month old “dead” fire re-ignited and burned over 2 acres before it was put out.

Think twice.  Do you really need to burn?




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