Let’s Put an End to Illegal Campaign Signs

Election billboards and posters, crudely put-together plywood signs litter the highways and roads in Ravalli County, many of them not conforming to Montana law. A few more of them are in conformance since someone complained to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. This law states that all campaign literature, signs, billboards, etc., must include the party, the name and complete mailing address of the individual or committee paying for it, and that the disclaimer must be clear and conspicuous. It will not be considered clear and conspicuous if it is difficult to read or placed where it can be easily overlooked—as in behind weeds. In addition, if the sign is two-sided, it must be placed on both sides.

While I might find tacky signs offensive, I have no complaint coming so long as they conform to the law.

Simple enough, right? A first-time candidate might be forgiven for not quite getting it right initially, but someone running for reelection should know better, and indeed, I’m sure they do. Flagrant disregard for the law is nothing new here in Ravalli County, but we don’t need to accept it.

If you have seen these signs with no disclosures, let the Commissioner of Political Practices know immediately at 406-444-2942. Or, if you’ve taken pictures, email them to mabaker@mt.gov along with their approximate location.

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