In Response to Justin Gordon’s Remarks in the Bitterroot Star

I sent my post on Fulbright’s failure to file the Stamey lawsuit to the Bitterroot Star Letters to the Editor. In response to that letter, the following was posted there (I have edited it to address certain points he made, but you can find the entire letter here). In view of his enlightened comments, I want to say,

 Thank you for your concise example of why partisan politics are so poisonous. First of all, I try to make decisions based on facts rather than political party drivel—regardless of the party delivering it. Secondly, until I came back to Montana, I was a registered republican, but voted independent  for the individual who appeared to be least dangerous to the democratic (note the small d) process. I temper my extremist partisan tools with the truth.

Now, as to my letter: the facts are
1. Fulbright was instructed by vote of the County Commissioners to file suit against the Treasurer
2. He delayed filing that suit
3. He stated the Treasurer’s paid administrative leave was a minor matter
4. He engaged in legal gobbledygook

Where did I get it wrong?? Am I more special, intelligent, or enlightened than anyone else? My husband thinks I am.

Response from Justin Gordon, son of Commissioner Foss, to my letter : Thanks for a clear demonstration of why putting your party before your people is a disservice to your people. If you cared about the folks of the Bitterroot more than your political party . . . . . . 

You are correct to suggest that folks should read the WHOLE story for if they just listen to your little crew of extremist partisan tools they\’ll only get a fraction of the truth twisted to your party\’s purposes and a whole lot of insulate nonsense. We are all capable of insulting one another, the capacity to do so does not make you more special, intelligent, or enlightened than anyone else it only demonstrates you would rather waste your time with divisive derision than constructive thought. 


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