Ravalli County

The County web site has been updated and I’ve tried to update my links for you. If you find one that doesn’t work, please let me know.

County Commissioners‘ general information can be found here. Each Commissioner lives within one of the five Districts but is elected by voters from all five districts. Their offices are located at 215 S. 4th Street, Suite A. Bitterroot Valley Guide will post any items of importance, such as urgent action items, budget hearings, etc., on our main page. Talk with Glenda Wiles at 275-6500 for more comprehensive information.

Unfortunately the eMail links given below don’t work. When the county fixes it, you can click on the name to send a “Why did you vote the way you did?” or an “Atta Boy!” to the Commissioners.

Ray Hawk (R)–District 1, 375-6509 (term expires 12/31/2018)

Greg Chilcott (R)–District 2, 375-6502 (term expires 12/31/2016)

J.R. Iman (R)–District 3, 375-6501 (term expires 12/31/2016)

Jeff Burrows (R)–District 4, 375-6503 (term expires 12/31/2016)

Doug Schallenberger (R)–District 5, 375-6510 (term expires 12/31/2018)

Commissioners’ Weekly Schedule

Minutes of Commissioners’ Meetings. If you’re interested in something more up-to-date than the end of January, 2014, however, you’re out of luck. (This is current information as of 8/12/2014).

Archived Correspondence through November, 2013. Apparently, the Commissioners wrote to no one nor received any correspondence in the month of December. However, it appears that 2014 correspondence is current.

County Budget, Fiscal Year 2016, all 242 pages of it. Budgets going back to 2010 are also available.

FY 2016 gives the figure of $449,305 for “Salaries, wages, & benefits for the County Commissioners. In addition, $18,175 is allotted for auto mileage.

County Treasurer. Register your vehicle in this office, or do it online if you meet certain criteria. To find out what you owe for real estate taxes, click here. You can pay those taxes online, but it’s going to cost you 2.5%. Find out more information by emailing.

Sheriff’ Chris Hoffman’s OfficeDaily updates on the department’s activities are available for you.  The main page has links to the Adult Detention Center, Concealed Weapon Permits, Serving/Processing Papers, Records, etc. Find out how many points went against your driver’s license as a result of that last traffic violation

REMEMBER!, before you start that burn pile, get your open burning permit here. All the information you need to complete the application, and everything you need to know about your responsibilities can be found here. More information is available here.

Clerk & Recorder Regina Plettenberg takes care of a large number of activities that directly affect you—voter registration, Absentee Ballot Application , certified copies of Montana birth and death certificates, tax appeal forms, research on old well logs, covenants, and easements, zoning, homestead declarations. Various forms are online so you can print out and fill in before going into the office. There is also a link to an outside Document Search site.

Public Health provides information on WIC, immunization, emergency preparedness. Family planning has not been available since 2013 when the County Commissioners voted to reject funding.

Environmental Health page gives you up-to-date- information on open burning, sanitation, septic systems, junk vehicles. A list of online forms  and fees can be found here.

Planning Department. Get more information on zoning, subdivisions, Citizen-Initiated Zoning Districts. Meetings are posted here also.

Do you want to give your private road a name? Get the requirements and the petition form at the GIS Department

Find out about any Alerts in effect in the County.

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