Directions for Setting up a Google Calendar

If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, I would strongly urge you to get one. It would eliminate most of the problems you experience when exchanging emails with others. Some providers, ie.,,,, etc., seem to have problems, whatever the reason.

Step 1
Go to (if you already have an account, go to step 2)
In the upper right hand corner, click on the red box titled Create an Account
Fill out the form (I don’t give my phone; I also UNCHECK Google may use my account . .. .)
Click on Next Step
On the next screen, simply click on Next Step
Click on Continue to Gmail
Voila! You now have a Gmail account

Step 2
It’s time to set up your Calendar.
At the top of the Gmail page, on the black Menu Bar, click on Calendar
You’ll see Welcome to Google Calendar
Click on Next: Set time zone
Make sure Country is set to United States,  and time zone is set to (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time
Click on Next: Get reminded about events; choose if you want Reminders sent to you and how
Click on Next: Sync with your mobile
Click on Start Using Google Calendar
You’ve done it! You have a working Google Calendar.

NOW the fun part starts.
On Bitterroot Valley Guide Menu Bar, click on Calendars, then on Meetings Calendar or Happenings Calendar You can choose what format you like—week, month, agenda. (Personally, I start with month, choose the date, and then switch to agenda)
Find an item you want to remember, click on it; it will open, and, at the bottom you will see copy to my calendar
Click on it
Your Calendar will open in a new tab to the right. Choose whether you want a reminder (remember, you set that back in Step 2)
Click Save.

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