Hamilton Schools

The Hamilton School District provides a clean site with information categorized on the left side. Although you can navigate to various sites within the Hamilton school district, the left sidebar remains pretty much the same as this page, providing easy access to any school topic, including the various menus and bus routes.

There is also a home page here. Here you’ll be able to access the Staff Directory and School Board meeting information.

The District 2013-2014 Red Calendar is now available for download. Look for the arrow icon in the upper right hand corner.

 Hamilton High School.

Download the Hamilton High School Parent/Student Handbook here.

Schedule for all sports

Don’t forget these dates!

Hamilton Middle School

All the information you need is right there on the home page—sports schedule, Typing Pal, supplies list. Want to make sure your Middle School student has all his/her assignments? Check here. Available in Word .doc format; OpenOffice works just fine also.

Click here for information on the 8th graders 2014 Spring Break trip to Washington DC. Login info—Leader name: Pool, Group ID: 5268.

Daly Elementary School. Your links are all on the left side for easy access.

Part way down this page, click on Student/Parent SiteMs. Rodriguez’s Tech Site (I love this site!)  K-5th all have grade-appropriate links to music, math, social studies, science, PE, art, games, interactive activities, and resources. There are also great resources for parents and teachers.

Check your students’ grades online. You will first have to make written request.

Washington Elementary School. Links on the left side for easy access, 1st grade supply list here. Click on the arrow icon in the upper right hand corner to download.

Adult/Continuing Education. Check back here in the early fall. If you would be interested in teaching a class, send an eMail. If you don’t find what you want at this site, check out the offerings at the other schools in the Valley and Missoula.

See what’s coming to the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Hamilton High.



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