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The Corvallis Parade Was Great!

We met up with some friends for breakfast at the cafeteria, bought our poppies, and then went out on the parade route to set up our table to distribute fliers about the upcoming vote on a County Government Review.

There were jumping goats and lots of dogs, not to mention political candidates and party members out in full force. County Attorney Fulbright marched behind horses with a shovel. I have no idea whether it meant he was cleaning up, or shoveling out the nasty stuff.

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Let’s Put an End to Illegal Campaign Signs

Election billboards and posters, crudely put-together plywood signs litter the highways and roads in Ravalli County, many of them not conforming to Montana law. A few more of them are in conformance since someone complained to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. This law states that all campaign literature, signs, billboards, etc., must include the party, the name and complete mailing address of the individual or committee paying for it, and that the disclaimer must be clear and conspicuous. It will not be considered clear and conspicuous if it is difficult to read or placed where it can be easily overlooked—as in behind weeds. In addition, if the sign is two-sided, it must be placed on both sides.

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In Response to Justin Gordon’s Remarks in the Bitterroot Star

I sent my post on Fulbright’s failure to file the Stamey lawsuit to the Bitterroot Star Letters to the Editor. In response to that letter, the following was posted there (I have edited it to address certain points he made, but you can find the entire letter here). In view of his enlightened comments, I want to say,

 Thank you for your concise example of why partisan politics are so poisonous. First of all, I try to make decisions based on facts rather than political party drivel—regardless of the party delivering it. Secondly, until I came back to Montana, I was a registered republican, but voted independent  for the individual who appeared to be least dangerous to the democratic (note the small d) process. I temper my extremist partisan tools with the truth.

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Commissioners’ FEBRUARY Minutes Scheduled for Approval

On the Commissioners’ Schedule for May 20th was “Approval of February Minutes. We can only hope. I guess the longer it takes to approve them the more apt people are to forget dicey details. If you’re interested in accessing something more up-to-date than the end of November, 2013 online, however, you’re out of luck. (This is current information as of 5/19/2014). As of my checking today—May 23rd—you can also see December 8th and 31st. I have no idea whether they met at any other time during December because no minutes are posted.

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Corvallis Parade–Small Town at It’s Best

I can’t wait for the Corvallis Memorial Day Parade! But it’s not just the parade, it’s everything connected with it. We get up early (OK, this is my least favorite part), drive on down to the Corvallis High School lunchroom for breakfast (7-9am), find a table—preferably with someone we don’t know (how else are we going to meet more people?). I must say we have met a few really boring people—but I digress. For the most part it’s a pleasant experience.

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