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Why Didn’t Fulbright File Charges Against Stamey?

I’ll bet Ravalli County residents thought the County had filed charges against Treasurer Stamey. I did. Well, think again. According to a report in the Bitterroot Star on April 23rd, County Attorney Fulbright never filed a lawsuit authorized by the County Commissioners against Treasurer Stamey, saying “We see that as part of a bigger picture.” “We” the Public, should ask, “Is that “We” the County Attorney’s office, or is it “We” the County Attorney’s office AND the Commissioners? As anxious as the Commissioners are to load the County Boards with their supporters and to micromanage every insignificant event in the County, it seems ludicrously implausible to me that they were unaware the suit had not been filed. In which case, smoke and mirrors has triumphed once again.

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Will Stupidity Rescue Us from Treasurer’s Mess in Ravalli County?

Last Wednesday the Ravalli County Commissioners met to further consider the prior goings-on in the Treasurer’s office. At this point they say they are being extremely cautious because they fear being sued. Too late! If not by Stamey, then surely they should be by a flimflammed constituency. In reporting on the meeting, the Ravalli Republic said, “Commissioner Jeff Burrows then suggested the county should consider reinstating Stamey so it can at least get some benefit from the money she was being paid.” It brings to mind a quote from Will Rogers—”If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?” I wonder if this thought crossed his mind, or if it was a spontaneous bit of wisdom from one of our “Pathetic 3.”

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Water–The New Gold in the Bitterroot Valley

For many years, my mining engineer husband has maintained that water will be the new gold in world economy. Of course, nothing brings an issue closer to home than having it affect you personally. We belong to a small irrigation association here in the Valley. Last summer he went out to get the sprinklers going, but there was no water.

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Ravalli County—Land of Opportunity

Is this a great country or what? Where else could you
—apply for a position for which you have no experience or credentials,
—be appointed by a 3-2 vote of the governing body,
—within a short time alienate 3 of your 4 most experienced people to the point they leave,
—fail to make over a million dollars in tax revenue deposits,
—neglect to file 58 state-required forms,
—be put on paid administrative leave,
—subsequently accuse that governing body of improprieties,
—call on the FBI for an investigation of the office,
—stage a surprise (wink, wink) return to a meeting on the reorganization of that office,
—claim only you have the authority to make those decisions, and, finally
—announce you will continue your campaign for election and that you expect to win?

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April Fools Day in Ravalli County

Today is April Fools Day, and the County Commissioners are meeting today. AND, on their agenda is consideration of the minutes—from November, that is.

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Why Can’t Our Politicians Read?

You often hear the lament, “Why Can’t Our Children Read?” I want to know, “Why Can’t Our Politicians Read?” Have you ever watched them at a TV press conference they’ve called? Staff comes striding out first, then The Important Ones, then the Minions who stand behind while the Politicians attempt to read from a piece of paper—which I have to believe they have never seen before.

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