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The Impact of the Legacy Ranch Subdivision on Ravalli County

What does the Legacy Ranch Subdivision mean for you the taxpayer? And you, the resident of this beautiful Valley?

After you get through all the cut -and-paste fluff which is standard to any subdivision submittal, ie. Notifications re wildlife, bird seed, wood stoves, junk vehicles, archaeological site restrictions, etc., and work your way to page 11, you will find this: #13—“approval from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality AND/OR the Ravalli County Environmental Health Department for the individual septic systems and drainfields shall be submitted to the Ravalli County Planning Department prior to final approval . . . In other words, the state DEQ does not have to approve the individual septic systems, but rather entities which have already been shown to be falling all over themselves to approve the subdivision—the Planning Department, the County Commissioners, and the Planning Board. Further, there is no zoning in Ravalli County, no impact fees requirements, so a subdivision with plans out into the indefinite future approved now will have no restrictions. If their presence becomes untenable later, too bad.

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