Things to Do in the Bitterroot (and Beyond) Work in Progress

Don’t give up on this site. I’ve working with a new provider, not an easy task here in the Bitterroot Valley. This page may be in disarray for a time as I try to update.

For a long while I thought I was going to have to give up on my web page due to slow connectivity from
Verizon. I’d update pages and then lose connection, so all my work was lost. Thankfully, Rocky Mountain Internet set up a neighborhood antenna, and my speed has gone from .19Mbps (no, it is not a misplaced decimal—.19) to 12Mbps. For those of you stuck in the same situation, contact Rocky Mountain. We have multiple computers running on it; our Smart TV is streaming Netflix where before we couldn’t use that feature. I’m picking up the pieces of my web site and adding to it, and yes . . . . . . . ., all is well with my world!







On-Going Activities

Explore the Quilt Barn Trail across the country. This site will let you choose a state on the map and then show you where to find the quilt barns in that locale.







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